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About us
About Us

  Dongguan YOUDUO precision mould Fittings Co.Ltd. was founded in 2009.Is a company specializing in processing and sales of precision plastic mold,stamping mold,die-casting mold,automation equipment parts...is electronic,mobile phone digital products,cosmetics,stationery pens,auto parts,medical equipment,household appliances,and other many other precision mould parts processing is preferred.

Main products:precision round pin insert mlding,standard filling nozzle and any special irrigation mouth customized,square thimble,division tube,punch,guide column,internal and external grinding,mirror molding ,pen mold inserts,precision molding screw,insert molding,auto parts,all kinds of the main mechanical parts of a company,our company will uphold the customer first,the credibility of the guidance of business philisophy,dedicated to provide quality products and efficient service for you.

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